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Did you know that 55% of consumers will make a buying decision based on a Review? Movies and restaurants have long been the subject of published reviews – either in print or online. But with choices – of EVERYTHING – growing exponentially, consumers are looking for guidance when spending any of their hard earned money. Sites like YELP have furthered this affect by offering unsolicited reviews of just about anything and everything you can imagine.

In residential real estate we’ve always included “testimonials” as part of our presentation packages (whether buying or selling). I always ask for a testimonial when a transaction closes. These get posted to my website, get reprinted in Listing Books and grace the pages of promotional material. Good and bad, though I must confess I only republish the good, testimonials are a big part of our business. I’ll address the bad later!

Buying or Selling a home is often one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. I am shocked at how often someone will literally walk off the street, ask for a real estate agent in our office and make a million dollar investment with someone they know nothing about and met five minutes ago! When I first transitioned from Corporate Real Estate to residential, my first several sales were from “floor calls”. While I personally benefited from the practice, it does leave me scratching my head!

“How’d I do?” is a critical question to ask if one wants to continue to grow and learn. My husband is in the restaurant business and our children always cringe when he gives “feedback” in a restaurant (usually not positive feedback). “They’re going to spit in our food!” at least one of our kids will squeal. I don’t think they’ll spit in our food – maybe in New York, but surely not in Northern California! I always try to assure them that most establishments WANT feedback.

Most of you have had some kind of real estate experience. Buying or selling real estate can be challenging. As this market has gone through radical changes in the past five years, it seems neither side of a transaction feels like they are winning. So the role of the Real Estate Agent or Broker has become more challenging right along with this challenging market.

Real Estate is NOT an easy business – and with the recent melt-down, it’s become increasingly complicated. Reviews (testimonials) and referrals are so important!

I try to deliver what I like to call Habitual Excellence – but I know I screw up now and then. So I always ask what I could have done better in an attempt to not screw up next time! That’s the “bad” in asking for a Review. But it’s really not bad at all – it’s almost always “constructive”. I’ve never received a harsh or unnecessarily negative review.

And now that we know 55% of consumers will make their buying decisions based on a Review – and that Real Estate services are not the exception, I am asking for YOUR reviews. Yes, I’m on YELP. And yes, I want your Review!

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