I was gone, but now I’m back

As some of you know, about two years ago, my husband took a job with DineEquity (holding company for Applebee’s and IHOP) in Southern California. We sold our big house in Alamo and moved most of our life to Pasadena. I kept a little place up here hoping I could juggle both. Supporting my husband and his new job in So Cal, and keeping a business, life, friends, church and grown children supported here.

I was wrong.

Additionally, my husband travels about 75% of the time. So I was in Pasadena, alone, bored and restless, and boy did my business suffer!! I was home about ½ the time, and I thought I could do phone, escrow etc. from the road or Pasadena and the rest while I was in my Danville Office.

Wrong again!

So in September, we moved HOME!! I’m home and I’m so happy to be home!! We moved to a nice little house in Alamo and rented a tiny little place in Pasadena, where my husband can crash the very few nights he’s even in Pasadena.

So I was gone, but now I’m back!
And I can’t wait to get back to Real Estate full time, full throttle and full blown!! So expect calls, mailers, etc. I am a Realtor who’s business slipped due to this crazy commute to So Cal, and it’s time for me to get back on my RE horse and sell some Real Estate!!

And yes, a lot has changed since I stopped writing my missives for you just over a year ago! When “the crazy” started (that’s what I call the sale of our home, the move, etc), we were still in a very slow market. In the Spring of 2012 we were still in a Buyer’s market. Homes would sit on the market for weeks, months, even years – yes, years!! If the home had what I call a “fundamental flaw” – something no amount of decorating or renovating can change (like it is on a Freeway off Ramp, or there is a Jet Fuel Pipeline or Power Transmitter in the backyard), the home was almost impossible to sell. Inventory was fine, prices had dropped, interest rates were crazy low and if you were one of the rare buyers in the market, you could pick and choose.

Then all the Bank Owned and Short Sales dried up. Prices had dropped to the point that a lot of sellers couldn’t sell and inventory dropped like a ROCK!! In a normal Spring market in Alamo, we would have about 170 homes “ACTIVE” in our MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This spring we had 32. WOW! 32!! Pretty slim pickings!!

With Multiple offers sales at over asking price back on the horizon – the pendulum has swung. High end is still sluggish, but it’s coming back too. As I’ve said for years “good houses, priced well are selling like hot cakes“. So if you are even THINKING of selling – now is a GREAT time. Call me and I’ll prepare a confidential, custom Market Analysis for you. If you are looking to buy – call me! Buyers need the absolute best representation they can get these days!

I’m so happy to be backlet me hear what YOU’VE been up to the last year!



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