Is January “Spring”?

I grew up outside Chicago where January was definitely NOT Spring!! In fact it was the beginning of the coldest, harshest time of the year. My Mom and Dad built the home I grew up in before I was born, and we lived there my entire childhood, and didn’t sell it until my Dad passed away.

So, local Real Estate was not on my mind in those years – we never moved! I have no idea if the Real Estate Market outside Chicago froze in the winter the way the ground, creeks and lakes did.

When I moved first to Southern California, then later to the East Bay of Northern California, I began thinking of Spring as a much earlier time of year. I have three older sisters, and at that time they were all still in Seattle, the mid-west, or Colorado. I used to refer to Spring right after Christmas and New Years and they would just laugh!

Nah! January is NOT Spring” they used to say! But with the Holidays behind us, and the weather lovely, flowers blooming and grass green, it sure felt like Spring to me!!

A bit less so in Northern California. But still emotionally, once the Holidays are over – I move directly into a “Spring” way of thinking.

What does this have to do with Real Estate? A lot actually. We’ve all heard about “the Spring” Real Estate market. That Spring is THE time to sell! I disagree and always have. Well, kinda. If you define Spring, as I do, as “after the Holidays”, then yes, Spring is the time to sell!

Just don’t wait until March or April or the traditional Spring Market may have passed you by! So I am going to coin a new phrase in Real Estate – I am going to call it Sprinter. Like, let’s Sprint to get your home on the Market!

Both the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors have both indicated that 2014 is going to bring lots of change in our Real Estate markets. Especially in California, where we have pretty much erased the losses of 2007-2009. Because there are fewer homes on the market in Sprinter, but not necessarily fewer buyers, Sprinter is a great time to sell your home.

Homes listed in Sprinter sell faster. Homes listed in Sprinter are more likely to sell. Homes listed in Sprinter typically sell closest to their asking price. And Sprinter is the most common start date for relocation efforts by major companies.

In short, Sprinter is a GREAT time to list and sell your home!

And one other assumption I am going to debunk: “wait until after Super Bowl to list your home“. I have no idea where that one came from, or why it was ever the case. It’s true that “After Super Bowl” has historically seen a spike in listings, but I don’t think that is a factor in our market. When I have listings coming on in January, I always get them on the market ASAP after January 1st – and they are pending by Super Bowl!!

So, come New Years Day, take the lights down, and put all the Holiday Sparkle away, and get ready for an awesome Sprinter in Real Estate!!

If you are considering selling your home this year, call me right away (925-855-1955) to get a detailed micro-neighborhood market evaluation and price recommendation. Sprinter is going to be a GREAT time to sell your home!!


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