Lucky me? Lucky YOU!!

QLFPinsThere are lots of things I love about being a local Residential Realtor – mostly helping families realize their dreams in buying or selling the perfect home for now and into the future. But one of the things that lured me to residential from Corporate Real Estate ten years ago, was the chance to get a peek inside some of our Valley’s most spectacular homes.

Every Tuesday (LaMorinda & Walnut Creek), Thursday (Alamo south to San Ramon) and Friday (Dublin and Pleasanton), I take an hour or so to “preview” or tour the new homes that have come to market. Some Realtors will only “tour” when they have a specific buyer looking for a specific property. But I have always held that I should see every house on the market, so I can speak intelligently when inevitably, someone at Safeway asks “Did you see that house…”, or “What did you think of the one on…” Or “Did that house on _________ REALLY sell for that much?!?”. I need to be able to answer intelligently.

So I try to see them all (and, weirdly, remember them all), but where I was going with this is that a couple of times a year – Holiday Home Tours and Spring Garden Tours, regular folks get the chance to peek behind the fence and see the spectacular landscaping and Garden Designs of homes right in their own neighborhoods.

And what’s really cool is that these events usually benefit wonderful, local causes that we can all wrap our arms around.

On Saturday May 3rd, you’ll have the chance to view some very special gardens all designed by our local and wonderful John Montgomery and John Montgomery Landscape Architects – Lucky YOU!! The Garden Tour and Fundraiser will feature five local homes and their very special gardens and landscapes. While the Garden tour will benefit several very worthy causes, I am focusing today on one.
The Quincy Lee Foundation.

Quincy-LeeQuincy was born March 1998. In October 2001 she suffered mysterious and increasing pain in her back and right arm. Diagnosed with stage IV pediatric cancer, her prognosis was poor. Quincy and her family spent the next three years at their home away from home, UCSF Children’s Hospital. Quincy’s wish was “I wish that all kids with cancer could be all better”, spoken as only a five year old could.

So the Quincy Lee Foundation was established to help make little Quincy’s wish come true, embracing the old Chinese Proverb:

If you plant for a year, grow rice
If you plan for a decade, grow trees
If you plant for a century,
Grow educated men and woman

QLF-LogoThe Quincy Lee Foundation set out to “grow educated men and woman” by creating a fellowship chair at UCSF, so that forever, this position would support the best research possible for Pediatric Cancer.

So while Quincy’s family’s “home away from home” was UCSF, and our home is right here snuggled in our valley, please take time to participate in the Garden Tour Saturday, May 3rd from 11:00 – 4:00.

Buy your tickets here (scroll to the bottom of the page), or start the tour at 217 Fieldcrest Court in Danville. Each house will have a special raffle prize to win with purchase of raffle tickets – all benefiting the Quincy Lee Foundation.

So Lucky Me I get to see beautiful Homes and Gardens every week (ok, some not so lovely…but that is another article!), and Lucky YOU, you get to see five very special gardens on May 3rd, and help keep Quincy’s Quest that “I wish all kids with cancer could be all better”, alive!



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