Teamwork Makes The Dream Work – Go TEAM!

Say a Cheer for Nancy Benvenuto's Team. Yea!The first things that always come to my mind in the fall are Back to School and Football.

Why? Because my office faces the senior parking lot of San Ramon Valley High School, and when my daughter was a Junior and Senior there I could look out my window and watch her leave the parking lot at 3:10 – I just loved it!

And now that school has started again, I get to hear the marching band, the football team practicing and all the kids coming and going as classes begin and end. I love that school and am fortunate to be able to enjoy it daily, even though my baby Robbie, a Junior, is almost through.

Those of you who know me well, know that Fall is my favorite time of the year. One reason is, every other year or so in November, I host a big “Thank You” party for all my wonderful girl friends to recognize and thank them for their dear friendship and the many contributions they make to this world every day. Also, Fall is a time to sit back, reflect and say Thank You for our very blessed lives!

One of those blessings is that things are beginning to look up in Real Estate again. I can feel a change in the air; not sure this is the real turning point, but I’m sure we’re close. I have deals closing, buyer’s buying and seller’s understanding the current values and pricing. All good!

Another reason I love Fall is because of football. Not just for the athleticism and sportsmanship, but for the teamwork. It’s the teamwork that brings success to the individual players. As they say, “There’s no ‘I’ in Team”.

So as we enter Fall, I want to say thank you, watch football, and show my appreciation to my team. I have an amazing group of individuals behind me, and I want to introduce them to you in a moment.

Reflecting back on my many years of corporate Real Estate at Pepsico (with Taco Bell Restaurants) we often used the term “Aces in Their Places”. It was the corporate lingo for letting people do what they are especially good at, and I have always been a big believer in that concept.

Steve O'Sullivan - DoorJamb ProductionsLuckily, I have an amazing team of Aces right at my side when I take care of your Real Estate deals. First on my team, I have my e-marketing guru, Steve O’Sullivan. While I write much of the content for this e-newsletter, it wouldn’t be in your inbox without Steve. He “techs it up” with links, makes it graphically appealing and gets it out on Thursdays whether I’m at my desk or not. He’s does a very good job – doesn’t he? He also does my web sites and everything else for me related to e-marketing. Yes, he’s for hire if you need this type of service! I’m happy to share him.

Kim LefebvreGeoffrey SchierbaumNext, I have two team members who are REALTORS® in my office; Kim Lefebvre and Geoffrey Schierbaum. Both licensed Real Estate professionals who back me up when I need an extra set of hands. An inspection here, door knocking there, what ever needs to be done.

It’s like getting three-for-one. It looks like it’s all me, but I have a back up – always.

Kristin MillerNora JoyThen of course, there is my Title company. As clients you probably don’t understand, or appreciate all that Fidelity National Title does for me (and you!). And more likely, how ‘BAD’ Title services can screw up a transaction (most people have a bad Title story). So thank you Kristin Miller and Nora Joy of Fidelity National Title for providing GREAT Title and Escrow services.

Irene BaldwinIrene Baldwin is my “stay out of jail” team member. As our Risk Management Broker she can be a real hard @$$, but she makes sure my contracts are complete, clear and strong. I’ve been in Franchising and Real Estate for 20+ years now and I have never been involved in litigation. That’s a pretty good track record!
Debbie Wallis
Then of course there is our amazing staff at J. Rockcliff. Some staff members have been with the company longer than most people stay in their homes! Now that’s saying something! Our receptionist is Debbie Wallis, whose smiling face has greeted you at the front desk for 11 years now. Debbie has titled herself “Director of First Impressions” at J. Rockcliff, and she does make a GREAT first impression.

Our Contract Administrators, Escrow Coordinators, and the rest of the office staff are amazing, and tremendously consistent. That makes my job easier and makes me better able to serve YOU! Yea!

Finally there is the area of finance. Securing your loan is a huge and critical part of any Real Estate Transaction. I have a great team of Lenders I work with. Just like your Real Estate Agent, your Lender has to be a good fit. So I refer my lenders according to their style and skills to best match the needs of each client.

So say, ‘GO TEAM‘ along with me!! And know that if you have any Real Estate needs – I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet those needs with an amazing team behind me.

Irene Baldwin

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