Ever wonder why many traditional Christmas Cards picture a Lamb cuddled in the arms of a Lion? It comes from Biblical scripture that talks of a time of peace, when unlikely foe will make peace – like the Lion and the Lamb. So before we get started, watch this video and see these unlikely characters make friends.

The Lion and the Lamb


I hope this brought a smile to your face – pretty amazing isn’t it? They set an example that all of us can strive for.

So, it’s been a pretty rough year in Real Estate. Better than 2009, no doubt, but not exactly a cake walk. Having said that – I can say with absolute conviction that I was truly blessed this year. I had my BEST “post crash” year and am almost back to my pre-crash sales volumes – YEA!! So a big heartfelt THANK YOU to my clients – buyers and sellers – in 2010.

As I reflect on the year, I am reminded of, and surprised by, the cast of characters I worked with this year. My Lions and my Lambs, and how I was able to get you all to lay down in peace! This is a gift I’ve been given.

The LionSome of you know that in my early Real Estate career my title was “deal maker” at Taco Bell, doing real estate, franchise sales and working on teams that “made deals” for large franchisees buying and selling both their businesses and the real estate that went with them. Talk about (mostly) Lions! Tell a franchisee who’s life savings is in his business that we want to sell or buy it, or worse yet, build another store up the street from him. ROOOAAARR!!

But somehow we were able, in most cases, to get the deals done even with the most bombastic of characters! I think what most buyers and sellers don’t realize is the cast of thousands – ok, not that many, but the cast of dozens it takes to pull, and keep a deal together.

It’s been a challenge the last several years, and with the vast complexities of the new (much needed) lending restrictions – it takes a village of dedicated, smart, persistent and pleasant professionals to buy (or sell) a house. I’ve found that group, and for that I am very grateful!

This year I was blessed to deal with some amazing lenders – one who got a transaction done in 15 days to meet a 1031 exchange deadline. That was amazing! Then there was the lender who told me that there is a three day “Truth in Lancing” clause – I had to chuckle, and brace myself for a messy escrow.

The LambI was also blessed with an amazing group of buyers and sellers – all of whom I have come to know and love (LOVE?!? My husband says – you “love” your clients?”). Most of them, yes, I do love in some special business kind of way.

When I can pick my team – Title, Lenders etc. things seem to go smoother. Even though we are all independent of each other, we come to know each other’s pace, hot buttons and needs. We are the team that makes this go smoothly for you, the clients. So when I get a surprise Title officer (Joe’s Title Shack out of Merced) – I cringe, but make it work.

Still, it takes all sorts to get things done in this world. And for that I am grateful! How boring would it be if we all approached life and business in the same way? So, thank you to all my clients, vendors, team members and peers who have been my Lions and Lambs of the year – and thank you for all laying down in peace to help accomplish the goals of my precious buyers and sellers!

As we look forward to 2011 – please know I welcome your business and referrals. Did you know the average person will know 1-3 people who are either buying or selling in the next year? So when you hear that conversation from one of your friends, colleagues or a family member – please keep me in mind :-) ). I will do my best to take care of them like they were a part of my own family.

Happy Holidays to all of you – enjoy the next few quiet weeks with family and friends, and get ready for an AWESOME 2011 – it’s going to be a great year!!

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