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As we buy red roses, send care packages and love notes to those we think about on Valentine’s day, I read with fascination an article at about finding “the one”.

You know what it’s like when you have it bad, and I mean really bad for “the one” – the one you can’t stop thinking about, the one you fantasize being together with, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. That thrilling, emotionally exhilarating feeling of falling in love with that special “one”.

But I’m talking about a house! That home “crush” most of us have had at one time or another. In fact says 69% of us have had a crush on a home. I know I sure have. When I first moved from Corporate Real Estate to Residential Real Estate, I fell in love with almost every house I went into for one attribute or another. As time passed, and I would see 5-20 homes a week, I became more selective with my emotions, and only fell in love with homes occasionally. Late last year, I fell in love with the love of my life home. It was out of our price range, and sold quickly – but for now, it is my home crush. I took my daughter to see it and we agreed she would get married in the back yard someday. I have a crush on that house!

And just like in real romance, men and woman respond to home crushes differently. Why does this not surprise me? Woman tend to have crushes on homes out of their price range, and cling to that home crush despite it not being available or realistic (see note above!). Woman tend to have fewer, longer crushes on homes, while men tend to move from one home crush to the next quickly and easily. Isn’t that interesting? I sure thought so!!

Both men and woman tend to fall in love with the outdoor living spaces faster and harder than inside space. A Woman will swoon over an open floor plans, and bright light spaces, while garages tend to make a man’s heart go racing. So predictable! Men will like anything with a great garage. Replace garage with a certain female body part, and I think you’ll see why I found this so funny!

But like a romantic relationship – loving your home is fundamental to being happy there. When something just doesn’t feel right, and doesn’t work for you – you can try “therapy” with a contractor or an architect to fix the problem, and with lots of hard work the home might be saved. But sometimes it’s just too far gone, and it’s time to move on – to your next home!!

I hope you LOVE your home – but if you don’t – there are lots of options out there and affordability is better than it has been in a long time. And did I mention interest rates are still crazy low? But both will be going up in the coming months. If you love your home, I’m so happy for you!! Otherwise, let’s schedule a therapy sessions and see how we can make you fall in love all over again!

Have a great week, please contact me if I can assist in any of your Real Estate Needs!

The highest compliment my clients can give me is the referral of their friends, family and business associates.

Thank you for your trust.

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Last week I wrote about “Sprinter” – that time of year which is clearly, still winter (CLEARLY this week in the mid-west and east where temperatures hit record lows!), but feels like Spring to those of us blessed with California Sunshine!

As I waded through the many articles I receive on Real Estate from various sources, they were all saying the same thing: Don’t wait!! Sell now – January and February are going to be a great time to sell or buy. And statistically, “Sprinter” is THE time to sell.

So now I want to talk about a Tsunami. Will we experience a Tsunami in home selling and buying in Sprinter – the first Quarter of 2014? I hope so!! But I’m not so sure. Like the Midwest and East Coast, and our ’49ers last week in Wisconsin, buyers and sellers seem pretty frozen in place.

Nothing seems very certain. The economy is improving, I guess, but then why, after the recession was “over” did some of my long term favorite restaurants in our area close? After weathering the worst, they closed in 2013? Lots of retailers and others who apparently survived the recession – didn’t. And that is such a personal and local indicator. So while the news tells us it’s getting better – I don’t see a Tsunami in Real Estate ahead.

Will we continue to experience a Drought? I hope not. Both in the weather and in the housing market. Rain is so wonderful and good for EVERYTHING in our world. As is the abundance of business raining down. We’ve been in a Real Estate drought for the past couple of years with record inventory lows and crazy pent up demand by buyers. Just like our hillsides and watersheds, we need rain (inventory) to fill the coffers of the demand in Real Estate.

And what about Global Warming? Things are surly heating up. For certain interest rates and home prices WILL be going up. There is just no two ways about that. There is so much pent up demand, and so little inventory that prices are being forced up out of sheer, and classic supply and demand (remember Economics 101?).

So, that’s good if you’re selling and bad if you’re buying. But with all the uncertainty – I always tell my clients the best time to buy or sell is when you want to, when you have to, or when you can. Hard to argue the common sense of that, although these factors are more about will and fate than just reason.

Throughout our Tri-Valley area, most neighborhoods are pretty unique, with the exception of some of the new development in the far Southeast end of our Valley. We can have a $600,000 fixer within in a stone’s throw of a $2MM mansion. Sometimes that is a non-issue, and sometimes that is a deal (or price) killer. It’s really important that you work with someone who knows and understands the micro-neighborhoods. I know that sounds a little corny, but it really is true.

So watch as “For Sale” signs begin to pop up like daffodils and gladiolas in the coming weeks – and call me if you are considering a buy or a sell. It’s my job to make sure you get your best Real Estate value – let me do my job for you!!

Happy New Year to you and yours. May the New Year be filled with blessings and great fortune in all you do!!

The highest compliment my clients can give me is the referral of their friends, family and business associates.

Thank you for your trust.

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